Say Goodbye To Sleepless Nights

With the way consumers make their purchasing decisions, marketing your products and services should also align with them. Nowadays, the most convenient way for the buying decisions of virtually everyone is through the internet. Gone are the days where giving flyers and putting up banners and billboards are the fad. The real fight is now happening online.

In the world of technology, digital marketing, and social media are now having a significant impact on how consumers act, behave socially, and most importantly, doing their business. It might be fair to say that any business that does not adapt to the new era of communications and marketing may be in danger of extinction.

What are the primary reasons why it’s time to say goodbye to offline marketing and invest in SEO

-To level the playing field. A small retailer could never compete with its larger competitors using the traditional way of marketing the business. On the other hand, any business, regardless of size, can compete with any competitor with a solid online marketing strategy.

-To reduce cost. Advertising channels such as yellow pages, television, magazine, and radio for your business is very costly. Comparing the expense when you develop an SEO strategy it might be a surprise for the little cost it entails, albeit its significant effects.

-To simplify the measure of getting results. It might be complicated or time-consuming for you to measure if the traditional method of advertising you’re using is efficient or not. Going digital, you can easily see in real-time what is working or not for your business, and you can quickly adapt to improve your results. Google Analytics can measure site traffic and achieve specific goals for your blog or website. Packaged email marketing can be the solution for having insight in knowing how many people are reading and converting from your emails.

-To develop your brand. It might be difficult promoting your brand using offline marketing, not to mention the high costs you may expend. Utilizing personalized email marketing, social media, and a well-maintained website, along with quality content, can be a very effective way for you in targeting your audience and lead generation opportunities.

-To have a far greater exposure. Using traditional marketing to ensure a worldwide exposure for your business is very expensive. With the help of digital marketing, your business can be seen anywhere in the world with relatively small cost. Also, you can use keyword search content optimization to maintain your website’s ranking.

-To make your business viral. How often does a sales flyer get a pass around by your prospects and customers? In the digital world, using social media buttons for sharing on your website, blogs, emails, and other social media channels will enable sharing your message quickly. For instance, an average Facebook user has 200 friends of which an average of 10% sees their liked posts ” 20 new prospects see your marketing message. Now imagine some of them also like and share your post and their friends also do the same? Astonishing, right? A word of caution, though, negative news travel quicker so make sure to place risk management strategy to tackle bad press as soon as they are circulated.

-To be less intrusive. Most people hate receiving sales phone calls or mailshots at inconvenient times on things they have little or no interest in. Netizens get the choice to read or not messages encountered and can also be relevant for you because in some cases, they are the ones searching your business in the first place. Also, receiving regular emails on a topic that adds value and interests readers can never be frustrating. So do not underestimate the importance of tailored marketing and market segmentation.

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