Buh Bye 2012 (Aka Possibly the Worst Year of My Life)

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Buh bye 2012. Adios, salut and good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you….

I can seriously say without being a drama queen at all that 2012 might have been the worst year of my life. Sure, it doesn’t get much worse than Cora’s death. But, she didn’t just die in 2009, she also was here for those beautiful five days.

In 2012, we lost my beloved grandma and Ben’s dad. We’ve been in a total fog since this summer, I am just now peaking through and realizing how deep the grief fog has been.

In 2011, I was just positive I’d have a newborn by now, but my arms are still empty.

From money struggles to car problems, it really was a year I won’t miss.

But, still in the middle of this, I’m so grateful for the lessons 2012 taught me. I learned more about how possessions really don’t matter. I became more ingrained in my Buddhist faith. 

I think we learn the most from the bad moments. We learn just how much worse it could be. We learn that when we think life is awful, it really isn’t so bad. We learn to be happy in sadness. That’s what I’ve learned this year.

I’m spending the last few days of 2012 reflecting on these lessons and more, but trying to move more into the moment, taking each moment as it comes and being completely present.

If you too had a bad year, I’m hoping for nothing but great things in 2013 for all of you and yours. xo


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I answer most proudly to "Cora's Mom." After losing Cora in 2009, I've become a passionate newborn health advocate. I'm also an author and speaker. Cora's story is also my story, as I carry her with me everywhere I go. Her memory will never die.