Five days that changed the world. Day Two. Meet the best husband and father in the world.

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Look Cora, I’ve never seen a man so in love with his child. Daddy loves you so.

Dear Cora,

I took a break from writing about your five, sweet, life changing, live improving, and amazing days on this planet. I wish I hadn’t. I want every detail to look back and remember someday. I fear I’m already forgetting much.

So, when we left on day one, it was late, Mommy was starving and you were surrounded by all whom loved you most, grandparents, an aunt, and of course Mommy and Daddy.

By the time all the excitement cleared, it was the early morning hours of your second day and Mommy still hadn’t had anything to eat since she went into labor, on the 29th of November. Daddy rushed to Steak and Shake because nothing was open at 2 in the morning. While he was gone, I remember being exhausted, but I remember just staring at you.

Couldn’t stop staring at you. No one could have prepared me for how beautiful you would be. It was magical. You twinkled in my eyes, Cora. You glowed. You were out of this freakin world, to the moon and far away beyond that. A rock star of beauty. To this day, everyone I show your picture stares at it, captivated.

Daddy came back with the food, and I laughed and rolled my eyes at him when he started telling me stories. He LOVES to tell stories. He told me about how he gave the security guards at the hospital front desk cigars, how he told EVERYONE in the fast food restaurant about his new daughter, and also handed them pink bubble gum cigars. Honestly, I thought the bubble gum cigars were silly and so cliché when he told me he bought them. He was proud of them. He gave them to everyone.

Did you know he was at the baby shower we had for you? The baby shower is a big old long story for another post, but Mommy decided she just couldn’t stand the entire day away from him and insisted he be there. I got so many phone calls from my girlfriends and aunts and others the next couple of days. All were about HIM. How they have never seen a man so happy to help me open pink outfits. How he was attentive. How they were blown away at his excitement to be a father.

Daddy worked so hard to prepare for you. Here he assembles the crib you never got to sleep in.

He was excited Cora! He went to EVERY single one of my appointments for you. Don’t let any other baby fool you. YOU have the BEST daddy ever.

Back to that second day, the day is really a whirlwind now. Nurses, doctors, lactation consultants in and out. I never took my eyes off of of you. All I really remember is you.

I’ll never forget the way Daddy looked up at me at one point that day while he held you and you slept in his arms. He mouthed, “She’s sooooo cute.” And, the way he looked at you. Oh. That look stays with me forever. That was the look of your father being the happiest he ever has been.

Daddy is still there for you. Some days, Mommy can’t get out of bed. Daddy gently comes to her side and rubs her back, tells her she’ll feel better if she does. If it’s a particularly bad day, he’ll even help her get dressed.

He cleans while Mommy sits busily telling your story online. He hands her food when she forgets to eat all day.

Daddy is making pink bows because Mommy got too busy to keep up. We pass out the bows to spread your story. Not many men would make pink bows just because their wife asked them to do it.

He says he feels bad. He wishes he had my gift to write. He does not. But, Cora, don’t be fooled, he is here. He is here for you just as much as I am. He is the one behind all of this. He is the one who is really spreading your story.

Mom (and Dad)