I Am Not a Troll Because I Got Upset My Daughter’s Photo Was Stolen

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The night before Cora’s third death anniversary, I got a note from someone through the Cora’s Story Facebook page. They’d seen Cora’s photo used on another page as the story of a child that had died from abuse and wanted to make sure I’d okay’ed it. I certainly had not.

The anniversaries are so tough and this year was no different. I felt like my world was caving in. Despite seeing my daughter’s photo used not just once but several times on this page, I tried approaching from a logical and calm place. I expressed my¬†genuine¬†compassion for the child that was killed because of abuse but asked the page to remove the image and all images used without permission immediately.

In response, the page owner blamed ME. After all, the image was widely available on Google, so it was free use she argued. I kept it nice and posted a link to her page with copyright laws.

Imagine it’s the night before your daughter’s death anniversary and you find her photo attached to abused children all over the place on a page. I was crushed. I was even more crushed that I didn’t even get a simple apology from this page. Instead, I was blamed. She did say she’d take them down.

Browsing through the images, I found several others that seemed obviously stolen, so I posted to my Facebook page for other grieving moms to search. One of my Facebook friends found their baby falsely labeled as an abused child too.

At this point, the page owner was still trying to argue she’d done nothing wrong, so I told my Facebook friends. Things got heated and she eventually took down the page.

I decided to move on, but then today got a message that page was still up and the owner was calling me and all my friends “trolls.”

It’s obvious that she still not only refuses to admit she did something wrong, but she’s blaming me for all of her actions.

Honestly, I’m too defeated to write everything that’s running through my mind about this. My blood is boiling, but I write this as a plea, please, please don’t use images you find online without permission. And, don’t blame me for publishing those images. This is not my fault.

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I answer most proudly to "Cora's Mom." After losing Cora in 2009, I've become a passionate newborn health advocate. I'm also an author and speaker. Cora's story is also my story, as I carry her with me everywhere I go. Her memory will never die.